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Permanent Makeup

Wake up in your makeup!

Are you looking to save yourself time and money every day? If the answer is "YES!" then you've come to the right place! Wicked Makeup offers a variety of permanent makeup services including microblading, ombré brows, powder brows, combo brows, blade & shade, nano strokes, lip blushing, faux freckles and a variety of eyeliner services.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also called cosmetic tattooing, PMU or micropigmentation, uses a tattoo machine or microblade to deposit pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin to create the look of eyebrow makeup, natural eyebrow hair, eyeliner, or lipstick.

Permanent Makeup saves you time, money and stress every morning by allowing you to wake up in your makeup! Perfect for those who are tired of struggling with their brow makeup every day before leaving the house, gym goers who are tired of sweating their brows off during workouts, moms who just don't have the time or energy to be fighting with their brow products, or Zoomers who just want to look good on screen without the fuss!

Below you'll find real photos of past clients and more information about the process.

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