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Permanent Makeup

Wake up in your makeup with badass permanent cosmetics!

Welcome to Wicked Makeup, where badass meets beauty! Say goodbye to your daily makeup struggle and hello to time, money, and stress saved. Permanent cosmetics services include microblading, ombré brows, powder brows, nano brows, lip blushing, eyeliner, faux freckles and more! Perfect for boss babes, busy moms, fitness fanatics or anyone tired of the makeup hustle. Check out real client photos below and get ready to dive into the world of effortless beauty.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, also called cosmetic tattooing, permanent cosmetics, PMU or micropigmentation, uses a tattoo machine or microblade to deposit pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin to create the look of eyebrow makeup, natural eyebrow hair, eyeliner, lipstick or freckles.

Permanent Makeup saves you time, money and stress every morning by allowing you to wake up in your makeup!

Wondering if permanent makeup is a good fit for you?

Permanet Makeup is a perfect for those who are tired of struggling with their brow makeup every day before leaving the house, badass boss babe entrepreneurs who need to worry about their business, not their makeup, gym goers who are tired of sweating their brows off during workouts, moms who just don't have the time or energy to be fighting with their makeup in the morning, or Zoomers who just want to look good on screen without the fuss!

Below you'll find real photos of past clients and more information about the process.

Are you ready to wake up flawless and save yourself time and money with permanent cosmetics? Click the button below to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation!

Permanent Makeup: My Services


Lip Blush


The Process

Permanet makeup consultation

Step 1


The consultation is the most important part of the process! Each and every client will receive a thorough consultation before the procedure. During the consultation, I welcome you to show any photos of what you like and what you don’t like. I also ask how you normally draw on your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips to get an idea of your unique style.

Permanent makeup pre numb before procedure

Step 4


I want to ensure your absolute comfort so I use two different types of numbing agents throughout your appointment. I apply a topical lidocaine over the area to be worked on for 20 minutes prior to the start of your procedure. Once the procedure starts I use an epinephrine or another secondary numbing agent (depending on the type of procedure being performed) for the duration of the session.

Eyebrow shaping

Step 2


I measure all the points of the face with a ruler and string to ensure symmetry and precision. I then find what needs to be done to make a perfect pair of eyebrows, lips or eyeliner. For brows, I design based on your natural eyebrow hair and the desired outcome. For lips, I outline your natural shape and adjust as necessary. For eyeliner, I take into consideration your usual makeup routine and everyday technique and style. This is all done with a pencil at first to ensure that the shape can be adjusted, if needed, before the procedure starts.

Permanent makeup cosmetic eyebrow tatoo procedure

Step 5

Implanting Pigment

After the shape and the color have been approved by you, and the numbing is completed, we begin the procedure. This is where the magic happens! I open a sterile needle or microblade in front you and start implanting pigment into the skin using a machine or microblade. Numbing is applied throughout the procedure to ensure your utmost comfort.

Color matching swatches for permanent makeup

Step 3


Once you approve the shape, a color is selected by swatching different shades of pigments on the forehead. We match a color based upon the natural eyebrow color and your individual preference. This color will be agreed on by both the artist and the client.

Fresh cosmetic ombre powder brow tattoo

Step 6


Once the procedure is complete, the grand reveal happens! I show you your new beautiful set of eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner and ask if you would like to make any adjustments before you leave. I pride myself on customer satisfaction and always make sure you walk out the door happy.

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